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PROJECT COMMUNITY presents for teens/parents

Self-Awareness -The Impact of Perceptions
This is not a lecture. Rather, it is an interactive, stylized, entertaining, and easy-to-understand presentation. They talk about the impact of their IRL and online behaviors and why they may accept or exclude others. Our health professionals and other experts in the field engage the audience and demystify science while teaching valuable problem solving and coping skills.

Anxiety -Manage Anxiety and Build Resilience
An open discussion that defines anxiety, teaches youth to recognize and manage anxiety, and change harmful thoughts. Our expert moderators present valuable information and easily explain how anxiety affects the brain and its development. We show them how to maximize brain health and balance their inner voice. We engage the audience in open dialogue and correct myths surrounding anxiety.

Binge Drinking Awareness
An open discussion moderated by a registered nurse, or other health care provider, correcting myths and providing facts about alcohol consumption and toxicity. (For example, many traditional remedies like drinking coffee or “sleeping it off” could prove fatal to victims of alcohol poisoning!)